Simple Almond Banana Bread

This is such a simple recipe to make and the bread is extremely moist!! You just need to blend all the ingredients together. Bananas are also very high in potassium! Ingredients 2 large bananas 2 medium eggs 3 tbsp melted coconut oil 2 tbsp erythritol 1 tsp vanilla essence 8 oz ground almonds 3/4 tsp… Continue reading Simple Almond Banana Bread


Coffee and Macadamia Cheesecakes

Deliciously creamy with rich blends of coffee flavour, these truly are a treat!! 😀 Ingredients For the base: 120g gluten free rice flour 20g cacao powder 4 large tbsp coconut oil (melted) 4 tsp erythritol For the cheesecake 200g raw macadamia nuts 200ml espresso almond milk 60g almond butter 4 tbsp coconut oil (melted) 4… Continue reading Coffee and Macadamia Cheesecakes

Raspberry and Cacao brownie tray

This is a delicious treat made with frozen raspberries and organic cacao powder! Perfect as an afternoon or mid morning snack! Also, keto friendly 🙂 Ingredients 4 eggs 3 oz coconut oil 3 tsp erythritol 2 heaped tbsp coconut flour 3 oz organic cacao powder 1/2 tsp baking powder 125g frozen raspberries Recipe Preheat oven… Continue reading Raspberry and Cacao brownie tray

Coconut flour waffles with fresh raspberries

If you’re gluten free like me and find it difficult to find alternatives to ordinary flour, coconut flour is a perfect substitute!! Coconut flour is a great source of fibre and contains the healthy fat that you need to keep going!! If you are on a low carb diet, this is also an ideal way… Continue reading Coconut flour waffles with fresh raspberries